Where can I buy your products?

My products are available in my online store and at craft shows. I work in large batches which sell out quickly when I restock, so I recommend you follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see when work will be available. I announce the exact date and time of the shop update 5-7 days in advance. 


Why is your shop empty right now? Can I reserve a piece from the next update?

I update the online shop with new work approximately every two months. In the interest of fairness, I do not allow reservations or preorders.


Do you do custom orders?

I don't. No exceptions.


Can your work go in the dishwasher or microwave?

Yes, unless specifically noted otherwise. Like all handmade stoneware, your piece is not impervious to sudden temperature changes, so please avoid pouring cold liquid into hot vessels or vice veras. Also, do not use on stove-top... that's just silly.


Would you like to come to our craft show?

Uhm yes please. I'd likely be into it as long as it's indoor (I don't have a tent), within Ohio (my car is old), be craft exclusive (no MLMs), and not supporting an icky cause (no shows that serve as fundraisers for the "Coalition to Bring Back Fyre Fest" or something awful like that). 


Do you take wholesale or consignment orders? 

At the moment, I am closed to new wholesale and consignment clients so I can work on some new designs.


Do you teach classes?

Not at the moment. If you are within Columbus, I recommend Buckeye Ceramics Supply or the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. 


Would you like to speak at our event?

Oh honey, nobody wants that.


Is this your full time job?

Nope. I work full time as a senior graphic designer for CoverMyMeds. See my portfolio here. 


Would you be interested in donating items to our charity event?

I do this all the time for causes I believe in and I would love to hear more about yours. I don't always have inventory, so the earlier you contact me the better!


Can I visit your studio or pick up an order locally?

I do not offer local pickup or studio tours, due to the fact that my business is run out of my own home. I ship anywhere within the United States with a substantial amount of eco-friendly packaging, and I do my best to keep shipping costs to a minimum. If you would prefer not to pay for shipping, I recommend stopping by one of our shows. Free high fives with every purchase.


How long does it take to make a mug?

The actual hands-on work per piece takes anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes, but because of (1) drying and firing cycles, (2) the fact that I have to work in large batches to fill a kiln, and (3) the fact that I'm a one-woman show, each piece takes at least 4 weeks to complete. 


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Not at the moment. I do offer full refunds in the rare event of a piece arriving damaged, but I require that you send photos of the broken merchandise for insurance purposes within a week of its arrival.