Pelotonia Mugs

2019 mugs are SOLD OUT! Thanks so much for supporting my ride!

Pelotonia coffee mug by Ice + Dust PotteryCheckout process
  1. Purchase shipping for your mugs to secure your spot. This MUST be done first to guarantee that you get a mug. Limit 2 mugs per person.
  2. Make a donation of $35 per mug to my Pelotonia rider page. Use the same name for your donation that you use during checkout for shipping. You must do this by 7 p.m. today or your shipping will be refunded and your spot will go to someone else.

Very Important Stuff

  • You can use the code PELOTONIA19 at checkout for free shipping on any additional items you purchase with your order today.
  • No local pickup is available, sorry! 
  • No refunds or exchanges, with the exception of mugs damaged in transit. Photographic proof of damage is required for insurance purposes.
  • A restock just for CoverMyMeds employees will happen via the Pelotonia Slack channel shortly, so please hold off on purchasing today if you work there.  
Disclaimer: Ice + Dust Pottery does not have any affiliation with Pelotonia, and mugs are not available for purchase through Pelotonia or its store. Our Pelotonia mugs are a personal rider fundraiser, and they are only available once a year via our website. Learn more about Pelotonia's mission here.